Help Your Mind
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Additional services / Providers


Austin Shambala Center

Acupuncture / Massage

Phoenix and Dragon

Additional Providers

Sara Buckley-S, LSOTP
Play therapy specialist
(South Austin)

Ashley Ward M.S. LPC
(North Austin)
(512) 337-2848

Lakettra Priestly LCSW-S
Concierge Counseling - We come to you!
(512) 644-6977

Margaret Martin, LCSW

New Clients 

Once you've contacted Marissa you can enter your information online through the link below.  Please call before entering information or scheduling an appointment. 

Existing clients contact Marissa for your log-on and password (Do not create a new account, one has been created already)

Please print out the forms below to complete, any changes will be visible in the google drive

Client information
Office information and policies
Release of confidential information

Consent to treat a minor child

HIPPA policies



Resources / References
Books and links regarding divorce with children:
Talking to teens about sex

Smoking Sessation

  •  Alexa's Project -  An amazing collection of drawings showing the difference between dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia 
  • Dr John Van Epp - Excellent reading and advice regarding healthy relationships. 


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